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I've driven 75's a number of times since launch, and despite the many excellent features I wasn't particularly impressed initially with a car which tended to roll too much - in my view rather spoiling an otherwise enjoyable drive.  As it was only available for the first 2 years with a conventional 'boot', for me the car was not all that practical - and I also felt it needed a bit more power than the V6 was then delivering.  

The later launch of the 'Tourer' was for me also something of a disappointment because the car seemed to wallow even more, and the extra weight further blunted the performance.

The general design of the car both internally and externally is much admired by enthusiasts and casual on-lookers alike, the boot area in contrast with almost anything else on the road today being a masterpiece of attractive design.

When the MG ZT range came along.  I was very interested to drive the ZT 190+.  While the slight increase in power, reduction in weight and close gear ratios gave more performance, but less than impressed by the virtually solid suspension which in conjunction with very low profile tyres gave fantastic road-holding and cornering ability - at a price.  And the 'stripped' interior with the lack of sound-deadening materials has virtually prevented this from being a good long distance car.

So, a recent opportunity to use a Rover 75 Connoisseur for a few days was greeted with mixed feelings.  In the event, I was delighted by the experience.  I had to take a trip across France, and this car with the 2.5 V6 motor is perfect for long-distance cruising, returning 31 mpg for the trip even when driven well above legal speeds.

Criticisms?  Well the car rolls less than I remember, but I would still like to see slightly stiffer springs and shocks, perhaps with slightly lower profile tyres.  And perhaps the MG '190' motor?  I'm also still not convinced about Sat-nav either.

Maybe the MG ZT could come with sound deadening and a Rover style interior?  I see MG Rover have already de-tuned the suspension to give a nicer ride.  Well MG Rover, this car is superb so why not finish off the job?

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