Mazda RX-8

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Ok, so Mazda is making a big push on this car.  But is it worth it?  Mark Fields launched the concept at Geneva maybe 3 years ago.  The press loved it.  They loved to mention the headline-grabbing words "suicide doors", what bliss for a Journo!  You see RX-8 on the road, the price looks quite small for what you get so that explains something at least.  But what is the reality?

Just between you and me, Mazda got it seriously wrong with this car.  Yes, I can reveal the pricing is shot to hell - how you can sell such a great package for only 20g?  Huummphh, it's small but then so is a 911.  It's fast, and nimble but so is a 911.  Stylish?  Well, that is in the eye of the beholder.  Oh, isn't that like a Porsche as well?  


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