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We are not into churning out publications 'per se', but we do have a small range of publications for general and specialist consumption, which are supplemented as and when the occasion arises, rather than being regularly published to satisfy volume-profit targets.  An example of this is our report on the future of car 'end-of-life' re-cycling - a very topical subject in 2006 as the vehicle makers are finally getting down to organising this across Europe.

We are also happy to refer you to third party publications which we believe are of genuine usefulness.  Specialist automotive publishers wishing for reciprocal 'selling' links should contact us on

Please use the following hyperlinks to 'page down' this page to the relevant publication category.  You will note that each paragraph title is also a 'hyperlink to a page of more detailed information.

From Own to Use
The Block Exemption
End-of-Life Vehicles
Other Papers

From Own to Use (FOTU)

FOTU was an 'off the wall' scenario written at the end of 2000, when the future of motor retailing looked set to change dramatically within 2 years, and the profitability of auto makers and their upstream and downstream partners was already under threat.  Apart from the poor writing style which was forced upon us, the publication even now provides many ideas for alternative distribution and many aspects of FOTU also appear in the more recently issued 'Indego' concept.

FOTU is a forecast of an alternative way of making and putting customers into cars.  It suggests a radical way in which one auto maker (Global Auto) could return to profitability, with much detail of their operations and those of their suppliers - and a quite different kind of auto retailing network.

The changes we forecast in 2000 are just beginning to happen, not as radically and thus not quite in the expected way and certainly not as fast as we expected.  No auto maker has as yet challenged any major area of our thinking and thus FOTU still provides much original thought for any automotive company aggressively thinking about their future plans.

For more information click FOTU.

The Block Exemption

Our current publication examines the status of 'The Block Exemption' as applied to motor vehicles, including details of the current draft proposals coming out of Brussels and known reactions across Europe, as of 10 March 2002.  This publication is updated as and when new information can be confirmed.

For the latest information and downloads from Brussels, go to;

End of Life Vehicles

We have researched a UK view of this subject complete with an economic and financial model - we believe the only one in existence at present.  This page also gives access to recent press and data releases concerning the progress of UK legislation. 

Other Papers

From time to time we produce briefings which can be ordered in printed versions for a nominal fee, or can be provided in electronic format on request.  

We are also able to produce bespoke reports on request, which may comprise industry sector overviews or depth analysis in particular areas.

We also bring to you a very small selection of third-party papers and reports which we genuinely believe contribute to aspects of the motor industry, or provide valuable reference material.

Please visit our daughter page for further information.  


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