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From Own to Use

 - Mobility in the 21st Century

FOTU was a very 'off the wall' scenario written at the end of 2000, when the future of motor retailing looked set to change dramatically within 2 years.  The profitability of auto makers and their upstream and downstream partners was already under threat.  We anticipated frenetic change and our scenario reflected what we felt might happen.

Thus, FOTU is a forecast of an alternative way of making and putting customers into cars - showing a clear path for a return to profitably.  It suggests a radical way in which one fictitious auto maker (Global Auto) could return to profitability, with some detail of their operations and those of their suppliers - and a quite different kind of auto retailing network.

Areas which the scenario explores include;

  • The current status of the auto manufacturing industry
  • Consumer needs and wants
  • Vehicle design and manufacture
  • Marketing and distribution
  • After-sales requirements
  • Profitability in manufacturing and distribution
  • The future scenario - From Own to Use
  • Future considerations in systems, technology and marketing

The scenario content including research was fully originated and written by Mike Wattam, from an idea by Neil Morrick.

Looking back to 2000, in the light of recent developments the concept appears to be undeniably naive and over-ambitious.  Yet FOTU still provides many useful suggestions for the future, whether adopted as a complete suite of ideas, or in part.  

As one management board director of a major European car maker put it personally to me "we'd love to do this but we'd have to shut down our production lines for at least 6 months in order to do it".  Well, maybe with the sate of the industry this year, now is clearly the time!

FOTU 'classic' is still available in 'classic' issue paper version at 199 blus VAT, or with an electronic copy for limited reproduction by the purchaser at 295.  Academia and reference libraries are invited to apply for copies of this edition.

A new and comprehensively re-written scenario - with a more realistic grasp of the future - is planned for release in 2009 to reflect the many recent developments in the industry including the impact of the recession and consolidation of the motor industry in general.  If you would like to be sent further information on this new publication when available, please use the contact form below.

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