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End of Life Vehicles

This survey covers the vehicle recycling legislation to be implemented from April 2002, 2007 and 2015, culled from the EU Directive and amendments, UK government public committees and from our own views.  The contents include;

  • EU Directive, UK interpretations and timetables
  • Financial impact upon car makers, importers, dealers and car owners
  • Current structure of UK vehicle dismantling and processing industry
  • Overview of current situation in other major European markets
  • Study of north American developments
  • Impact of future technology - materials, electronics
  • Scenario's of future of the UK industry
  • Excel-based software enabling dynamic 'what-ifs'

As the situation is rapidly changing - for instance the UK has been totally unable to meet the 1st April 2002 implementation date for environmentally safe de-pollution of all cars - this survey is re-researched and updated at regular intervals.  The latest incarnation is dated January 2004. 

The survey is current priced at 3,250 including hard copy, modeling software and electronic copy of the survey for client reproduction.   The survey in hard copy format only without modeling software is available at 1,750.

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