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In view of what has happened to car and parts distribution in the last few years, we are hesitant to even define what retailing truly is any more!  Perhaps providing open access to a cost-effective blend of needs to any consumer of motoring services .......... 

The Block Exemption

Recent regulatory changes enable more retailers to enter the automotive industry market.  However, with operating margins so small (or negative in many cases) it is difficult to see why anybody would want to increase their investment in this industry, let alone enter it afresh!

Our position is that we believe there is room for most current and would-be retailing entrants.  However in the face of this excessive competition only the super-lean and those able to consistently provide exemplary customer service will survive in the longer term if they are prepared to operate on small margins of profitability.

Clearly, the only way towards profit is to find new ways of working that eliminate processes which do not contribute to profit and customer satisfaction.  Probably the new entrants are best placed to do this (as easyJet and Ryanair did to the airline industry) and this challenges existing retailers to meet the competition head-on with new pricing structures, new levels of customer service, or however they choose to compete for ever-more discriminating customers.

Distribution Strategy and Implementation

We advise on distribution strategy, both to entrepreneurial 'legacy' car and after-market retailers and to other market players who could be new entrants.  We believe the future lies only with those able to provide only superb service - whether to the consumer, to other businesses or to car, component or services franchisors.  Finding the right retailers is often not easy.  We can advise upon the processes which would be most efficiently used, and can participate in the evaluation and recruitment of dealers.

Dealer-based Activities

The depth of our direct dealer activity embraces retailer interim management, corporate recovery of dealers and dealer groups, through to retail campaigns and 'mystery shoppers'.  We have access to experienced experts in business management, new and used cars, in parts wholesale/retail and in service operations.

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