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We have carried out many research projects to assess the industry 'standard', to gather data to support future decision making, and to enable competitor analysis.   For instance;

  • to what extent does dealer CSI scoring (customer service index) correlate to having happy repeat customers in the dealership, and should the car maker persevere with CSI marking.......?

  • What are the typical roles of NSC's (national sales companies), what are the motivations for using these rather than independent importers, and is it necessary to have a separate sales organisation in each and every market, given the relative ease of communication in 2002?

  • Is company A or company B a better target for investment or purchase?

While in many market research firms data-gathering is often done by students without specific industry experience, we have found that meaningful and complex data collection must be very carefully managed.  Thus, we only accept assignments where our associates can actively participate in - and adequately control the quality of - the process.  Thus we will only use automotive industry qualified associates for critical research.

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