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    1. This Code of Practice is operated by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders Ltd for the members of the Automotive Consultants Group, being a fully recognised Trade Section of the Society. Important - see note below!

    2. Group Consultants will publicise their membership and undertake joint promotions on the benefits to prospective client companies from using specialist automotive business advisers.

    3. In preparing client proposals, Group Consultants will confirm their acceptance of this Code of Practice and ensure that prospective clients receive copies for reference.


    1. The Code of Practice objectives are to ensure that SMMT Automotive Consultants provide the highest standards of client service; operate with integrity and objectivity; and maintain and develop their dedicated knowledge of the automotive industry.


    1. The primary business of SMMT Automotive Consultants is the provision of specialist business advice within the automotive sector

    2. Clients will be entitled to the services of a Consultant principal with a minimum of 5 years employment with an SMMT member company or 5 years experience as a consultant to the automotive sector.

    3. Group Consultants will ensure that all assignments are supervised by a Principal and that other staff or associates are suitably qualified.


    1. Members will provide a competent, effective and conscientious service, giving clients value for money and actionable solutions.

    2. Assignments will be clearly defined in writing and agreed with clients in advance.

    3. Members will not undertake projects unless they are satisfied that they have access to sufficient competent resources.

    4. Project control will be exercised through sound forward planning, clearly defined work stages and regular progress reviews with the client.


    1. Members will, at all times, maintain an independent perspective on their clientís business.

    2. Findings will be developed through an impartial and detailed analysis of all relevant facts and circumstances, combined with relevant automotive industry experience.

    3. Members will not undertake assignments which prejudice their independence, objectivity or integrity. They will inform the client immediately should such circumstances arise during the course of an assignment.

    4. For an assignment already in progress, members will ensure that clients are fully informed of any changed circumstances that significantly effect the objectives, conduct or likely outcomes.


    1. Members undertake that all information regarding a clientís affairs will be treated with strict confidentiality.

    2. No such information obtained during the course of an assignment will be disclosed to third parties without the express agreement of the client, obtained in advance.

    3. Findings developed and proprietary data collected during an assignment will remain the property of the client, and not disclosed to third parties without the clientís permission.

    4. The consultantís existing research techniques or analysis methods do not become the clientís property, and he has no exclusive right to their use (unless agreed otherwise).


    1. The achievement of high standards of service and professional conduct implies a reciprocal obligation of good faith on the part of the client. SMMT consultants draw the following responsibilities to the attention of prospective clients :

      1. Prospective clients should not communicate the proposals of one consultant to another consultant - unless the second consultant is already engaged by the client on a related project.

      2. In the case of multi-client studies, clients will not give any of the results to persons outside their own organisation without the consultantís permission.

      3. Consultancy proposals prepared without an agreed payment remain the property of the consultant.


    1. Members of the SMMT Automotive Consultants Group will not release the findings of any project into the public domain without the agreement of the client.

    2. Members will not use their work on a specific assignment in their own publicity and advertising material without the clientís permission.

    3. Unless permission is specifically withheld, members will be free to publish a list of clients names without reference to specific projects


    1. Consultants will at all times be mindful of their position as experts in the automotive industry, and will ensure that their professional conduct upholds the high standing and public regard of the industry.

    2. Consultants will ensure that they maintain an up to date knowledge of relevant aspects of the automotive industry.


    1. In the event of any dispute relating to the services provided by a Group member, where arbitration is mutually agreed, clients may refer their case to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, whose President will appoint an independent arbitrator. Important - see note below!

    2. Breaches of this Code of Practice will be considered by the Automotive Consultants Committee, which will, if it considers appropriate, recommend to the SMMT General Council that membership of the firms concerned should be withdrawn.  Important - see note below!

Any queries related to this Code of Practice should be directed to:


Mr Seftton Samuels - Head of Legal Services & Company Secretary

Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders

Forbes House

Halkin Street




Tel:  0207-235 7000

Fax: 0207-235 7112

Note as of March 2006;  The SMMT now deny outright this Code of Practice exists, nor was ever originated by their staff, nor agreed between their management and the ACG.  Nevertheless Mike Wattam and Associates adheres to the essence of this Code of Practice and in the event of disputes (other than non-payment by a client which remains a normal commercial issue to be settled through established legal procedures) would submit to any judgement made by The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators in the UK, should a dispute ever arise with a client.  This Code of Practice is embodied within all our written proposals and contracts.

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